Onion Architecture - What is it and what value does it provide?

Onion Architecture is a way of structuring code to help manage business rules. It is not neccessarly the archtiecture to use for a simple CRUD or reporting application.

Back in 2008, Onion Architecture defined four key tenets:

Who invented Onion Architecture?

How do you implement it?*YD1UlRMg0Rbp8kUKDy1KZw.png

What NOT to do - follow the more common pattern you see*qcA9QI41c1-202rOaym8GA.png

What NOT to do - details


Wrong - even with RCM DIP applied!*tmx3ULMnFSyUtoNWWsD_JQ.png

What TODO - details*vAKOPgFeEmlMlW_Q6hygZA.png

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