So I don't typically take much interest in politics, but the election of PotusFortyFive and the polarization that it has created has more than caught my attention and interest. For the life of me, I cannot understand ... fathum, how it was elected. I remember the shock, yes shock, when I learned of it.

Over the course of time, I did learn to understand it and that my friends, is the really sad part. Coming to this realization has actually caused me to change my point of view of AmericanGovernment and only because it taught me of the mindset of the AmericanPeople. Some of them are literally; while legally allowed to, are not qualified to vote. While I am all for equality for race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, yada, yada; what I cannot stand for is giving people who do not have the discernment to make critical choices for the future of our country, our world, a voice. Instead they need to be taken care of as they do not have the discernment to take care of themselves let alone others. Our world is beginning to face serious challenges to the SurvivalOfTheHumanSpecies. Energy, resources, etc. are all dwindeling and humanity is going to be faced with tougher and tougher choices as times move ahead. We can no longer afford such IndulgentFoolishness.

PotusFortyFive needs to go away.


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