Agile software development is dead. Deal with it

Stumbled across this link today: Agile software development is dead. Deal with it.  I've also seen one response to it on LinkedIn here.

I love pissing matches.  Aren't they great.

I'll add some fodder.  I just completed a project following an agile/scrum like process.  It consisted of people ranging in age from lower twenties to pushing 60.  Some were W2 employees, others consultants working remote, others in-house contractors.  Ethnic backgrounds ranging from Causation, to African American, Indian, etc. Years of experience ranging from a few to nearly thirty.  Quite a variety compared to Mr. Bloomberg's accusation that agile requires uniformity.

I love how Bloomberg seems to throw in an attempt to accuse Agile of racism/bigotry.  I also see Mr. Bloomberg is a big proponent of low code. 

My guess is Mr. Bloomberg is pushing his own ideas of what works or doesn't work to further his and his company's cause.  Well we're all selling something I suppose. 

My guess is that Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t know what it means to write a lick of code and hasn't been on a project team that delivered something of value to a business in a long time.

My guess is that Mr. Bloomberg makes money by doling out his 'wisdom'.

That's all just my guess.

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