Sad Day In America And No Leadership To Help


It's a sad day in America, and what's even sadder is that there is no leadership to help.  One hundred thousand people dead, racism and bigotry at a peak; a black man dead at the hands of white racist cop for the Nth time, marches in the streets to protest and what leadership we have, which is to blame, threatens our own criticisms at the justified outrage.  The economy in a shamples.  People without jobs, without income, going hungry, no health care and sucumming to disease.  Sounds like a 3rd world country.

Donald Trump, is not only a complete failure, but a treasonist to beat who has been protected by his party defying all logic..  When are people going to going wake up?  When is our legislative and judicial branches going to wake up, see the problem and take action, protect the American people?  While I value, many of the tenants of the Republican party, they have failed us.  Woe is us. America has fallen.

If you voted for Trump you are part of the problem.  You need self examination of your values, your ethics, your 'god', whatever that is to you.

As I tell my own children; an apology does not help; corrective behavior is what is needed.  This is your call to action.

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